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Expert Workshop
“Research on Child Trafficking: Needs and Challenges”.
22-23 September 2004

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre (IRC)
Florence Italy

The UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre (IRC) is the independent research arm of the United Nations dedicated to the protection of children and the promotion of child rights. Working on the issue of child trafficking for a number of years, the IRC enjoys close collaboration with UNICEF Regional and Country Offices, UN agencies and other partners. Current IRC research on Europe focuses on developing research methodologies for gathering specific and reliable data on the trafficking of children. This research pays particular attention to the difficulty in gathering data - the lack of quantitative and qualitative data on trafficked children is one of the main constraints to effective intervention and evidence-based policy making. In addition, a dearth of empirical data limits the ability to determine whether implemented strategies are indeed improving the protection of trafficked children.

The workshop is intended for a limited number of researchers and practitioners with responsibility for promoting and managing research on child trafficking. Accordingly, sessions will concentrate on:

  • Optimizing current research tools and methodologies to understand and monitor child trafficking;
    • Enhancing data collection and promotion of its use;
    • Sharing of experiences and ideas among researchers;
    • Inter-agency collaboration and interaction.

    The workshop will encourage active involvement of all participants through personal contributions, working sessions in small groups, and plenary discussions.

    Expected Results

  • Identification of major challenges and needs in doing research on child trafficking • Identification of information gaps on patterns (flows, root causes, uses) and responses (impact)
    • List of indicators on child trafficking (what can be measured?)
    • Clarification on the participation and role of children in the research
    • Clarity vis. ethical consideration in doing research on child trafficking
    • Promotion of the inter agency research network on trafficking

    Tangible outputs

  • A working paper on workshop results
    • A model questionnaire for the Europe component
    • A shared research agenda or possible area of inter-agency collaboration/synergy

    Inter Agency Research Network. Following a first informal meeting done during the XII Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Vienna in 2003, and the recommendation of the recent meeting on "Improving Data and Research on Human Trafficking" on the need to promote contact and networking among researchers, a final session of the workshop will be dedicated to the promotion of the Inter Agency Research Network in Trafficking in Human beings. Objectives of this session will be the continuous sharing of information and the definition of possible areas of collaboration and synergy. Each organization will participate as joint and equal partners.

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