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Recent Publications on Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking   UNICEF
Reference Guide on Protecting the Rights of Child Victims of Trafficking

This Reference Guide is meant to serve as an implementation book for the UNICEF Guidelines on the Protection of the Rights of Child Victims of Trafficking as it gives information about the steps and procedures that constitute ‘good practice’ in the protection and assistance of child victims of trafficking. As such, the Guide is a practical tool for policy makers and practitioners from government, non-governmental and international organizations responsible for protecting and assisting child victims of trafficking across Europe.


Child Trafficking   UNICEF
Guidelines on the Protection of Child Victims of Trafficking

These guidelines are based on international human rights instruments and describe standards for the protection of trafficked children from their identification through to their recovery and integration. The aim of these guidelines is to assist governments and State actors, international organizations and NGOs or other service providers as a platform for developing policies and practices, at the national, bilateral and international levels. (October 2006) more  >


Child Trafficking   UNICEF – Terre des Hommes
Action to Prevent Child Trafficking in South Eastern Europe: A Preliminary Assessment

This Report outlines some key findings and recommendations from an assessment of the efforts to prevent child trafficking in South Eastern Europe. Its main purpose is to increase understanding of the work on prevention of child trafficking, by looking at the effectiveness of different approaches and their impacts. The assessment covered Albania, Republic of Moldova, Romania and the UN Administered Province of Kosovo. (June 2006)


Child Trafficking   UNICEF Romania
Evaluation of Anti-trafficking Policies in Romania

An evaluation of legislation, policy responses and the institutional framework to prevent trafficking in human beings in Romania, aiming to identify progress made, recommendations for necessary changes, and to outline the social perception of migration and trafficking of human beings in Romania.


Child Trafficking   UN/IOM Working Group on Trafficking in Human Beings
Human Trafficking in the Russian Federation

This report presents an overview of the current situation and responses to trafficking in human beings in the Russian Federation up to December 2005.


Child Trafficking   UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre
Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation and other Exploitative Purposes

This report on the protection of children from commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking examines law and policy on child trafficking in South Asia. Other 'issues' addressed within the report include: local governance, local action and child protection; the efficacy of cross border interventions in the prevention of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation; and, migration, mobility and challenges to child protection.


Child Trafficking   UNICEF - UNOHCHR - OSCE/ODIHR
Trafficking in Human Beings in South Eastern Europe 2004

The report examines the efforts of governments, international and local NGOs to prevent trafficking, raise awareness and assist victims. It finds that anti-trafficking measures are still dominated by repressive measures to prevent migration, prostitution and organised crime.


Child Trafficking   UNICEF Kosovo Office
Let's talk, Developing effective communication with children victims of violence and trafficking.

A handbook for social workers, police and other professionals working with children victims of abuse. (Available in English, Albanian and Serbo-Croat)


Child Trafficking   UNICEF Kosovo Office
Trafficking in Children in Kosovo.

A study on protection and assistance provided to children victims of trafficking. The study was conducted to assess to what extent the recommendations made in the ‘UNICEF Guidelines for Protection of the Rights of Child Victims of Trafficking in South Eastern Europe’ are being implemented in Kosovo. (Available in English and Albanian)


Child Trafficking   UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre
Trafficking in Human beings in Africa, especially Women and Children

The struggle against trafficking of human beings has gathered considerable momentum over recent years. This research focuses on the situation of Africa, drawing a preliminary map of trafficking patterns on the continent and providing an indication of emerging good practices in the area of policy responses and legislative framework. more >


Book   UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre
Child Trafficking in West Africa

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre activity on child trafficking started in 1998 with research on child trafficking in Western and Central Africa, developed with the UNICEF Western and Central Africa Regional Office. This study focuses on a region that is badly affected by child trafficking and analyses the phenomenon in eight countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Mali, Nigeria and Togo. The study analyzed policy responses and programming interventions with an eye to: raise awareness of the phenomenon and its transnational nature; enhance national capacity to prevent and address child trafficking; inform effective policy responses and regional co-operation; enhance inter-agency dialogue and co-operation.


Book   Netherland National Committee for UNICEF
Child trafficking in Netherland

This report gives a first impression of child trafficking in the Netherlands, for sexual purposes as well as for exploitation in other sectors. About the latter, there was no information present in the Netherlands. The researchers interviewed 40 key persons - the police, public prosecutor, immigration service, researchers, social welfare – about what they know through their work about child trafficking and which obstacles they encounter in their fight against it. The outcome is that there are serious indications that child trafficking for various purposes (prostitution, domestic service, labour, criminal activities) is taking place. Furthermore the key persons point out serious obstacles for their work: lack of capacity, incompatible or inadequate registration, failing cooperation (also internationally), inadequate protection and support for victims. The report calls for action on part of the government to implement international law, with the best interest of the child in mind.


Trafficking in human beings in Southeastern Europe

In 2001/2002, within the framework of the Stability Pact Trafficking Task Force, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNOHCHR) and the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE/ODIHR) commissioned this joint report. The report presents the situation of and responses to trafficking in human beings in SEE countries. more >

In 2002/2003 UNICEF, UNOHCHR and OSCE/ODIHR continue their co-operation aimed at monitoring the implementation of the National Plans of Action to Combat Trafficking and developing regional policy and program guidelines based on human rights.


Child Trafficking   UNICEF – Inter-Parliamentary Union
Combating Child Trafficking: Handbook for Parliamentarians

Every day, children are bought, sold and transported away from their homes. The trafficking of human beings is a multibillion-dollar business that appears to be growing. This handbook addresses some of the key measures that parliamentarians can take to end child trafficking. It outlines specific steps -- including laws, policies and advocacy efforts -- which parliamentarians around the world are taking to make children safer from this scourge. more  >


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