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Child Trafficking in West Africa: Policy Responses (2002)

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre activity on child trafficking started in 1998 with research on child trafficking in Western and Central Africa, developed with the UNICEF Western and Central Africa Regional Office. This study focuses on a region that is badly affected by child trafficking and analyses the phenomenon in eight countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Mali, Nigeria and Togo. The study analyzed policy responses and programming interventions with an eye to:
  • raise awareness of the phenomenon and its transnational nature;
  • enhance national capacity to prevent and address child trafficking;
  • inform effective policy responses and regional co-operation;
  • enhance inter-agency dialogue and co-operation.

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    Trafficking in Human Beings, especially Women and Children, in Africa (2003-2004)

    This research expanded earlier study of trafficking in eight countries in Africa to 53 African countries. It has been a collaborative project of UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre and the Governments of Italy and Sweden.

    The research draws a preliminary map of trafficking patterns on the continent and points to emerging good practices in the area of policy responses and legislation. The research took place against a background of lack of reliable estimates and a dearth of trafficking research and methodology tools. These challenges, however, provided an opportunity to develop and test innovative methods for the gathering and assessment of data. The research incorporated a desk review, a number of strategic field visits, a database of relevant information compiled and analysed, and an expert workshop. The report and findings are anchored in the commitment by Heads of State at the EU-Africa Summit to identify democracy, human rights and good governance as part of a set of eight priority areas for political action.

    The study is the result of a strong and evolving collaboration of UNICEF offices with African countries, EU Member States, UN Agencies and civil society agents.

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