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This sections contains a database of documents on child trafficking. Users can research by title, author, editor/organization, type, topic, keywords, geographic descriptors and year of publication.
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Type of document: Paper
Topic: Policy and Planning
Geographic descriptors: World-wide
Language: English
Date of publication: November 2002
Long Abstract: This paper was prepared for the "Conference on the Human Rights Challenge of Globalization in the Asia-Pacific and the United States: Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children" organised by the Globalization Research Centre in Hawaii in November 2002. Vitit Muntarbhorn was formerly the UN Special Rapporteur on the Sale of Children at the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva. This paper was based on his investigation of the human rights situation in the United States as an Eisenhower Fellow, during which he identified three areas as being pertinent to human trafficking, expanded in this paper: demythification, identification (of good practices) and consolidation. In the demythification section he points out that human trafficking is an old practise transformed by the advent of globalisation into a complex phenomenon. It is emphasised that migration policy is key in combating human trafficking, that modern-day trafficking is inextricably linked to criminality, that human rights should be upheld as part of globalisation, and that the recent focus on national/international security and accompanying tightening of migration policy undermines human security. The paper looks at the identification of good and not-so-good practices from the point of view of laws; policies and programmes; mechanisms and personnel; material and non-material resources; information, education and mindset; and cooperation, coordination and participation. The consolidation section proposes a concise agenda for the fight against trafficking and makes several specific recommendations about what this should include.
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