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Type of document: Report
Topic: Evaluation
Policy and Planning
Trafficking patterns
Geographic descriptors: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine
Language: English
Publisher: IOM - OIM - International Organisation for Migration
Date of publication: 2003
Long Abstract: This report addresses the protection of and assistance to victims of human trafficking. Through analysis of trafficking and several country case studies, it aims to contribute to draft recommendations and proposals of durable solutions concerning protection and assistance schemes. In the first section the paper presents some concepts and definitions of trafficking as determined by international organizations and in international and national law. In the second section, it explores standards for victim protection at the international and EU levels. In the third section the report maps the situation in each of the selected states regarding the schemes for protection of victims in trafficking in persons, and provides an initial inventory of the legislative responses and actors for combating trafficking and the protection of victims. Finally, the report presents some recommendations for the successful protection of victims of trafficking in terms of social assistance, law enforcement, prosecution of traffickers and protection of human rights of victims of trafficking. Recommendations also refer to integration and reintegration of victims, as well as strategies for better cooperation among actors involved in protection. The report identifies and analyses protection and assistance schemes for victims of trafficking in ten selected European states; collects and reviews information on good practices related to the protection of victims of trafficking in these countries; evaluates the impact of current schemes, and proposes action for the improvement of the protection schemes in terms of combating trafficking, as well as offering protection and assistance to the victims in countries of origin, transit and destination.
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