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Type of document: Report
Topic: Evaluation
Law enforcement
Geographic descriptors: Belgium, Colombia, Italy, Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America
Language: English
Publisher: Anti-Slavery International
Date of publication: 2002
Long Abstract: The aims of this research were to identify the obstacles to convictions and prosecutions of traffickers; to assess victim and witness protection measures used in trafficking cases; and to evaluate whether such victim and witness protection measures have the desired effect of encouraging prosecutions and securing convictions of traffickers. The research covers ten countries, combining countries of origin, transit and destination: Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Thailand and United States were selected on the basis of having established laws and policies of victim protection for trafficked persons; Colombia, Poland, Ukraine and United Kingdom were selected for recent attempts to prosecute traffickers under various laws; and Nigeria was selected because a large number of Nigerian women are trafficked for prostitution to three other countries being studied. This research was a qualitative study, based on information provided during in-depth interviews in each of the countries. The research used specific case studies in each country to highlight good and bad practices related to protecting rights of trafficked persons and prosecution of traffickers. An analysis of various written sources such as the legislation, policies, government and NGO reports was also undertaken. The research has found that there is a growing awareness of the need for a human rights framework to combat trafficking. It identifies successful cases of 'best practice' in which committed teams of law enforcement officials, prosecutors, lawyers and service providers have displayed sensitivity to the needs and rights of trafficked persons.The report makes extensive recommendations to states, government agencies, lawyers and law enforcement agencies regarding ten specific thematic areas.
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