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This sections contains a database of documents on child trafficking. Users can research by title, author, editor/organization, type, topic, keywords, geographic descriptors and year of publication.
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Type of document: Report
Topic: Policy and Planning
Geographic descriptors: Asia, Pacific
Language: English
Date of publication: 06 September 1999
Long Abstract: Paper authored by Anna Gallagher in her capacity as Advisor on Trafficking for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and presented at the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions, Philippines 6-8 September 1999. The subject of this paper is trafficking as one manifestation of the broader human rights challenges currently facing women in the Asia-Pacific region. The specific focus is on the role which national human rights commissions could play in combating this phenomenon. Part I of the paper provides a general description of the problem. In Part II an overview is made of recent counter-trafficking initiatives at the international, regional and national levels. Part III explores the ways in which national institutions can contribute to these efforts. The role, which an individual National Commission of the Asia-Pacific region could play in this area, will of course depend very much on the country situation. Strategies for a country of origin will necessarily be different to those for a destination country. National Institutions in countries of origin have a special responsibility in the area of prevention. In all cases, National Institutions must base their work on a thorough understanding of the trafficking situation in their country of focus. National Institutions can use their position, resources and authority to provide governments with inputs, which will enable them to make wise legislative, and policy choices. All National Commissions of the Asia-Pacific region are mandated to receive and act upon complaints of human rights violations.
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