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Type of document: News
Topic: Law enforcement
Geographic descriptors: Romania, Spain
Language: English
Source: www.daily-news.ro/article_detail.php?idarticle=30691
Date of publication: 12 October 2006
Long Abstract: Spanish general prosecutor: Human trafficking, main Romanian problem in Spain

Denisa Maruntoiu

Spain's general prosecutor Candido Conde Pumpido stressed yesterday that the biggest problem the Spanish judicial authorities face when it comes to Romanians is the human trafficking. Conde Pumpido also said he had recently talked with the newly-appointed Romanian general prosecutor, Codruta Kovesi, and decided to create a joint Romanian-Spanish prosecutors' commission that will work for eradicating the organized crime and the corruption.

When asked about the criminal network led by Ioan Clamparu, who is one of the most wanted Romanian mobsters in Spain, the Spanish general prosecutor said he does not know the case, pointing out that such cases are exactly the reason for which a joint team is more than welcomed.

The group led by Ioan Clamparu has gained millions of dollars from organized crime and have used the money to stop the investigation in their case, according to prosecutors.

Ioan Clamparu was accused of initiating and forming an organized crime group and of having committed serious felonies.

Ten members of the group were caught and arrested in Romania, Spain and the Czech Republic, while four others had already been arrested on other charges. Ioan Clamparu has been under international criminal pursuit since March 2003, when he fled the country. He is believed to be hiding in Spain. Conde Pumpido also said that there is a very big Romanian community in Spain, which is much appreciated. According to him, about 300,000 Romanians are currently living in Spain.

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