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Type of document: News
Topic: Actions/initiatives/projects
Law enforcement
Policy and Planning
Trafficking patterns
Geographic descriptors: United States of America
Language: English
Publisher: emediawire.com
Date of publication: 11 December 2004
Long Abstract: First, victims (what percentage?) who are nationals of the countries in which their abductions and trafficking is occurring are totally ignored in what is being reported and publicized, i.e., the plight of victims who have been taken across international borders. But foremost is the dynamics that enable such atrocities. Merely alluding to corruption is not sufficient. Schemes used by traffickers impart considerably more terrorism and the incredible revenue this crime generates carries even greater implications as to the motivation for such cruel, uncivilized, catastrophic activities. Current depiction of the modern-day slavery scenario is so off-base that it should be strongly suspected of possibly being the propaganda of perpetrators, slavers, themselves, or, at the very least, ignorant acts of treason against our global community. How often is what follows occurring throughout the world? Efforts begin after someone very close and dear is abducted into total custody of a local gang of sex traffickers. An underground resistance Coalition forms. As efforts to work with authorities fail, the Coalition carries out surveillance and investigation on its own. In doing so, in addition to discovering what appears to be a major local modern-day slavery operation in their area, run by a local gang that appears to be part of a national and possibly worldwide organized crime network, it uncovers a number of other issues. According to government and other reports, this is the fastest growing crime in the world and in the U.S. It rivals narcotics and arms trafficking in revenue to criminal syndicates. Traffickers reportedly are often heavily involved in all three of these types of trafficking. Human trafficking reportedly is the most lucrative of the three. From the difficulty experienced by this Coalition in getting authorities to act, it is easy to see why. The local gang's methods and sphere of influence in preventing investigation is "too smooth" of an operation to only be involving just a handful of possible victims, and, indeed, soon a number of other possible victims are "deciphered" and/or reported. Eventually there are also reports of rampant pedophilia. Unbeknownst to many in the community, this type of activity has been carried out in the area for some time. People involved in these abductions and trafficking are people with whom many of them have socialized over the years, but at least some of these perpetrators must have been involved in doing something like this to others in the past. That this is an "inside job," i.e., being done by long time members of the community, actually makes the situation even more difficult to resolve. The gang's activity proudly displays characteristics of organized crime and community terrorism. Gang leaders and other members openly engage in sabotage of livelihood and of businesses: supplies, credit standing, property ownership, falsifying of infrastructure records, including police, court and medical records, as well as bullying, vandalism, pilferage and hooliganism. Much of this seems to be aimed at manipulating the community into submissiveness. Crimes are now often openly and arrogantly being carried out by this local operation: abduction, rape, slavery, forced prostitution, torture, physical assaults, drugging, and inhumane treatment. A number of murders, that are either openly homicidal or possibly disguised to appear to be due to automobile, or other accidents, illness or similar causes, are suspected to be related to this. There also appears to be ties to arson incidents and at least one local bombing, so far. Extortion and money laundering can only be assumed. Incidents and statements extol the gang's abuse of law and the legal system and "too well awareness" of infrastructure mismanagement, police corruption and corruption or service gaps of local, state and federal government. Indications are that they have infiltrated and/or coerced components receiving funds for services to modern-day slavery victims and/or engage in diversion of these funds, and that they are even posing as legitimate service providers. This last facilitates support and protection of these terrorist activities, particularly in masking the control they still have over "rescued" victims. It may also gain them access to confidential information submitted in attempts to help fight this crime. No, unfortunately, this is not a hypothetical situation. I wish it were. http://mykindredspirit2.home.att.net is about our local situation, how it relates to the global community's situation, and developments as they unfold. It attempts to coordinate efforts, locally and globally, as much as is little possible, of people who, for the most part, must operate clandestinely. The home page includes some of the details of one of the abductions. It also summarizes tactics being used to hold that victim, and other aspects of his captivity, methods possibly being repeated throughout the world, which will continue until we recognize these patterns and develop measures to remedy and prevent such activity. This includes strategies and schemes of this gang, so possibly other traffickers, how to "decipher" victims, and the type of "uncharacteristic behavior" people may display due to the terrorism of something like this happening in their community. The top border of the web site currently links to what seems to be one of the many most recent threat messages from local traffickers: http://kittyspit.diaryland.com/ (Warning: offensive content) Modern-day slavery, i.e., human trafficking, is a terrorist issue. Part of the challenge in fighting it is understanding, then trying to get others to acknowledge, the systematic and escalating bullying that is part of traffickers' tactics in achieving control of not only their trafficking victims, but of the community and infrastructure whose compliance they need to maintain and advance their activities. It is evident that the coercion and other tactics such organized crime networks employ are having an extremely detrimental impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of almost each level of every infrastructure component, including government, health care providers, communication, transportation, hospitality services, lodging, and many other industries that impact our country's economic position in the global community. This is over and above the impact of this situation on our national image in the global community and consequent impact on national security. Widespread modern-day slavery and terrorism is most probably reflected in income, employment and possibly even voting statistics, as well as possibly mental and physical health, suicide, accident, criminal justice, domestic abuse, workplace violence, road rage and other crime statistics, possibly even business development and profitability statistics. This phenomenon deserves to be a catalyst for private sector audit and program evaluation of government and campaign funding, and other political activities. We must recognize and publicize the scope and complexity of this problem and be united in this fight. This is a global problem and overcoming it requires coming together as one very strong and efficient global community.
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