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Type of document: News
Topic: Actions/initiatives/projects
Law enforcement
Policy and Planning
Trafficking patterns
Geographic descriptors: Thailand
Language: English
Publisher: mcot.org
Date of publication: 31 October 2004
Long Abstract: ''The content of the agreement which is being reviewed by both parties, has covered the areas of co-operation to rescue victims, rehabilitation, and expatiation back to home countries'' said the senior Thai official. He said the co-operation would also concentrate on growing awareness among people of both countries to prevent their women and children from being tricked by human traffickers. Mr. Wallop said other countries in the Mekong Sub-region have also expressed their eagerness to help fight human trafficking during a three-day-meeting among senior officials and ministers on the issue, which was held in Myanmar last Wednesday. ''At the meeting, I had a chance to discuss the matter unofficially with representatives of Myanmar and Vietnam. They are giving a lot of attention to this issue, which is a positive sign'' she said. Mr. Wallop said he traveled to Myanmar two months earlier to escort some young girls and women who were victims of human trafficking and he received a positive response from Myanmar officials about the efforts to fight the crime. ''I also hope that Myanmar and us will establish the cooperation to fight this problem soon. For Vietnam, we should achieve that goal ahead of the next Mekong Sub-regional meeting which it would host either in March or May next year,'' he said. Mr. Wallop said he was satisfied with the positive response from neighboring countries to fight human trafficking by agreeing to enforce the laws and to raise awareness against the crime among their own people. ''I believe the problem would be minimized and solved in the end if every countries in this sub-region is serious about it,'' he said. ''Thailand has shared border to several neighboring countries and because we are doing better than them economically, that is why our neighbors have tried to cross the border over in the search for a better life and they have become victims of human traffickers,'' he said. Meanwhile, Saisuree Jutikul, the adviser to the UN Inter-Agency Project to Combat Trafficking in Women and Children in the Mekong Sub-region (UNIAP), said the co-operation to fight this crime against women and children among six countries in the sub-region has been significant and historic. ''However, I think trafficking in women and children in the sub-region would increase unless these countries take action against is simultaneously and consistently. Laws must be enforced against in every countries at the same time,'' she said. There are six countries as members of the Mekong Sub-regional cooperation group which includes Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China. ''These six countries have been both part of human trafficking route and destinations. Besides, strictly enforcing the law, they have to provide education to women and children to prevent them from being victimized. Service centers should be set up to monitor and provide help around the clock,'' she said.(TNA)-E110
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